The Hydro Corporation is a highly specialized marine contractor that provides underwater construction and repair solutions to public
and private organizations. Our work history includes bridge, pier, power plant, mill, ship husbandry, salvage, and inspection services.
Our inventory of tools and support gear is large. Most important of all, we pride ourselves on maintaining quality employees, and
producing quality work.

Hydro Corporation has been in business since 1984. Over the years we have accomplished a wide variety of tasks, from work inside
power plants to salvage of a multi-ton offshore steel breakwater 100 yards from a busy resort beach. Our biggest job to date with the
repair of 50,000 linear feet of piling on two Navy piers at the Charleston Shipyard came in six months earlier than anyone predicted.
This project was one of the largest of its kind. We were selected by the Naval Underwater Warfare Center in Newport, RI to provide
exclusive, nationwide, fast response, in-water diving service in support of the SSN-688 Attack Class submarine fleet. Sought after by
many of the larger players in the national diving community, Hydro received award based on the stated criteria that weighed more on
the technical ability rather than the overall cost.

From its inception, Hydro has been committed to delivering the highest quality product and service to its customers. Our continuing
goal has been to exceed industry standards if possible and provide a degree of excellence unexpected in the profession. In most cases,
we have succeeded, as a check with our customers will verify.

While Hydro Corporation is now headquartered in Charleston, SC, we have always remained a very mobile company. Our geographical
range has taken us from Rhode Island to the Caribbean on the east coast and as far west as Hawaii. Mobility has always played an
important part in the success of this company.

Good communication and an effective working relationship with the customer have always been important to Hydro. With full
appreciation for the customer’s requirement of maintaining normal operations of facilities, Hydro Corporation strives to minimize any
interruptions. We have been able, in close coordination with the customer’s representatives, to reduce downtime to zero in many
projects, isolating only those areas immediately adjacent the divers to maintain a safety zone.

Our dedication to excellence has often put us at a disadvantage in the competitive low bid market, but our reputation hinges on quality.
That reputation has rewarded us with a long list of satisfied customers that now call us first for new underwater projects. It is indeed
our great wish that we will have an opportunity to add your companies name to that list. 2006 all rights reserved